This page will answer some commonly asked questions about the Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) override election:

1.) Bond and District Additional Assistance (DAA) dollars are both for capital expenditures. Why do we need both types?

Answer: Bonds are used to pay for capital facility projects that have a long life. Examples are school roofs, playgrounds, athletic fields, air conditioning units, millwork/cabinetry in classrooms, etc. DAA funds are for capital items with a shorter life like textbooks, scientific instruments, other technological devices, etc.

2.) Doesn’t Arizona’s state funding to schools provide monies for these expenses?

Answer: The State has reduced capital funding to Arizona public schools more than 80% in the last seven years. State funds are inadequate to pay for even basic repairs to our aging facilities.

3.) Will my property taxes go up if these two propositions pass?

Answer: No, your taxes are not expected to increase.

4.) I want to get involved in helping FRIENDS promote the overrides, so what are my options?

Answer: There are various ways you can get involved to help support your neighborhood schools in this election. You can join the FRIENDS committee and volunteer under a sub-committee that you feel comfortable with; you could host a coffee for your friends to educate them on the override election and help us rally support; you could write a proletterto the newspaper; you could help with signage or constituent mailings; or you could simply send around an email to your sphere of friends endorsing these measures. You can learn more by contacting FRIENDS Chair, Lyssa Holmes, or any other committee member listed on the ABOUT US page.

5.) I am an Open Enrollment parent that lives within the CFSD boundaries.  What can I do to help?

Answer: If you live within the CFSD boundaries, you can vote yes on these propositions on November 3rd! You can also help spread the word by sending out emails in support of the propositions to your circle of CFSD friends. ANYONE, open enrolled in-district or out-of-district, can help the FRIENDS committee; please contact one of us here

6.) If these ballot questions don’t pass, what will that mean to our school district?

Answer: We won’t be able to tackle the needed bond projects to maintain our facilities, and our teachers and students will have to wait for any curriculum resource or technology replacements for teaching and learning. Even worse is the prospect that some of our mechanical systems that are now near the end of end of their useful life might fail.

7.) Is there a specific plan in place for how this money would be spent if the bond and DAA override are passed? 

Answer: Yes. The District has identified 150+ facility projects across all of our school campuses that need attention that fall into three categories: building renovations and improvements, improvement of grounds, and energy efficiency upgrades. And there are also three categories of purchases identified to be funded with DAA $s: technology equipment and software teaching and learning resources, and infrastructure improvements.

8.) We already have a lot of technology in our schools.  How will this money affect that?

Answer: Technology doesn’t last forever. We need to replace aging laptops and other devices, upgrade software, and make sure that we have a robust network and server capacity to support the volume of use by students and staff.

9.) Will this be a typical election where I will get a mail-in ballot, or go to a polling place, or is there something special I need to do to vote?

Answer: You need not do anything different than you would for any election. You can ask for a mail-in ballot, or, if you are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), you will get one mailed to you automatically. Additionally, in-person voting is available at a polling places. Election information is available at the Pima County Elections Department website: http://webcms.pima.gov/government/elections_department/.


For a PDF of accurate info, download: FAQ | FRIENDS of CFSD

If you have any other questions we haven’t addressed, send us an email at cfsdfriends@gmail.com.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.